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FedBid Works - Here's Why

FedBid is leading the B2B/B2G commerce transformation, by combining the power of dynamic real-time competition with an intuitive online marketplace, featuring a smart interface where each buy is fully-managed by highly trained, US-based support staff.

Buyers need goods and services at the best value from the most qualified Sellers. Sellers constantly seek Buyers for the goods and services they provide. FedBid's fully-managed, quality-assured, secure marketplace makes these win-win transactions possible.

True Purchasing Power

FedBid's fully-managed marketplace is a competitive environment engineered to benefit both Buyers and Sellers. We review and approve only the most credible Sellers, who then compete to get Buyers their best price and quickly fulfill bid requests.

Real, Immediate Savings

FedBid-registered Buyers and Sellers realize time and money savings from their first bid. Check your buy history. Compare your orders to recent fulfillment managed by FedBid. We're sure you'll see impressive savings that mean a lot more purchasing power for your procurement or sales budget.

Unrivaled Convenience

Focus on your core business objective or mission.

Buyers: Stop struggling with the same old vendors to try and get best prices.
Sellers: Stop searching high and low for new sales opportunities.

FedBid frees you to concentrate on doing what's essential for your organization instead of getting bogged down in purchasing and sales processes.